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Perhaps it has been a while since you came to lunch at Corky's and participated in one of our Mastermind sessions.  You came, you mastered the art of getting what you ask ... by asking specifically!  You may have gone off and started your own networking group.  If you did, then "thank you" for caring enough to teach others how to network effectively.

But there are still great reasons to come back from time to time.  First reason is our turnover ... we always have new folks coming into the group.  These new Masterminders may be just what YOU need!  But you have to come back to meet them.

Second, refresher course!  We always can use with a check-up and refresher to keep our skills sharp.  Any skill can become worn and our effectiveness diminished if we don't from time to time sharpen them.  Our meetings are a safe place where we will comment, critique, and suggest (plus up).  

Finally, come back for the shear wonder of it!  I never tire of seeing a room fill with Masterminders anticipating new opportunities and then the excitement and wonder of making great connections!  Remember the first time it happened to you?  Come back and experience it again.  And since your dropping back in, RSVP so we can plan to be there with you.  

See you soon!

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